Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Just another manic Wednesday...

I love my role in life.

I love the fact that God has called me to be alongside, and minister to, those who are in times of need and crisis. I love the fact that God has called me to be alongside and minister to those who are in times of celebration and joy.

Our world is an amazing place and our lives are amazing too.

There is a sadness though that so many people live their life not knowing that they are loved, not believing that they are loved, and not believing that they could be loved.

Where does this lack of a sense of being loveable - and being beloved - come from?

Yes - from childhood. Yes - from our parents, our upbringing, the way in which we were nurtured too... all of that, yes. But why is that, as we grow up and mature into adults, we question so many other things but not this un-truth of our lack of any sense of being loved - right in the core of our being and the truth of who we are.

What makes us feel so guilty, or dark and so dirty, that we are so far 'beyond redemption' and so far beyond love.

If there was one thing I could change in the world it would be this: somehow I would change people's self-perception so that they had a true sense of their 'self', and so that they knew that this self was loved and in knowing this would be freed them from an anxiety and ennui that forces them to grapple and fight with others, dragging them down into a mire that conspires with their sense of guilt and darkness and dirtiness.

There has to be a place to start.

Maybe the ministry and the role in which I serve are one place that makes it possible to begin to live and share this truth. I do try... but wish I could do it better.

I pray I can do it better.

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