Sunday, 25 September 2011

Autumn light

This is my favourite time of day at my favourite of year.

Autumn light in the late afternon/early evening makes everything seem so sharp, clear and bright. Making its way through the crimson and gold leaves on the trees, there is a shimmerring quality to it all that makes me smile, makes me nostalgic, and makes me consider that forty four Autumns are not all that many to have lived through.

It makes me wonder if I have seen and relished and understood them all.

This morning was the first Sunday I have woken up to pre-sunrise gloom, and it made me groan inwardly for the dark mornings that are to come. I don't like them. The only highlights will be on crisp mornings when I walk to Church and the light of the street lamps will make the frost on the pavements glisten like diamonds - I like that a lot!

Sometime I shall go out with my camera, and just take a slow walk, and hope that the light will show me a new way of seeing all that is around. The camera lens won't replace my eyes though - it will simply be a tool to try to capture what I see - but even then it is so much about capturing a memory of a time and a place and a smell in the air... like the smell of Autumn dampness, or wintry crispness... all stunning and all inspiring.

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