Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's been a strange day

Today I have spent the WHOLE day sitting at my computer. The arrival of the electrican at the front door at 8.30am heralded a day of making cups of tea (something I never do for myself) and listening to Radio 2 in the background.

He was a very polite and courteous electrician - who seemed to enjoy the M&S pretend Jaffa cakes. (We had an amusing conversation around whether or not M&S should be allowed to call them Jaffa cakes or whether or not there was some EU ruling on this matter!)

So, what have I been doing all day that might in any way be linked to 'life, light and holiness'?

Well, there has been a lot of prayer in the midst of it all - phone calls about Funerals and planning for a sermon at the weekend. Whilst listening in to the radio here and there has been the news about the NHS and I have wondered with great concern about how people are going to manage in the NHS if there is really going to be a major change to how it will work.

There have been plans for the Children's Craft Workshops that we will be running on Good Friday - and so, questions such as, 'just what do I want the children and their parents to understand from this event' have been to the fore. Also, I have hoped to pin down some speakers for the Exploring SPirituality Day in September that I am co-organising.

Sometimes it is necessary to have our thoughts focussed with solid intent on matters of prayer, but at other times prayer weaves its way around us as we go.

Today, as the sun has shone on my back, as I have pondered the kingdom in everyday random 'stuff', as I have shared my excitement that the (live) chickens I have ordered will be here sooner that I had expected, I have been quietly praying, rejoicing, contemplating and thinking on God as I have gone through it all.

It is hard to believe that this time last week I was in Israel - preparing for a day that would culminate in boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. It is hard to believe, yet I am so glad to have the memory of it all. What a blessing the last weeks have been. Rich blessing indeed.

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